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A Guide To Chandelier Cleaning

C.Cleaning 1The importance of keeping those chandeliers of yours sparkling cannot be overlooked.

Splurging on those exquisite crystal chandeliers is the best home decor decision one should make. Irrespective of their age, one will never tire when it comes to the way it fills rooms with elegant sparkle. And if you want to keep your upscale lighting look spectacular, you must keep regular attention. And the process of keeping them (your chandeliers) clean isn’t complicated, albeit it demands time.

Along those lines, here is a simple guide on how to clean your chandeliers and all you need to know!

How often should you clean them?

Generally, clean them once after every three months, whether you’ve bedroom chandeliers or dining room chandeliers. And if you are living in an area characterized by dust or winds, consider cleaning them as frequently as possible to maintain your chandelier’s glitter. Remember, if you live in a region characterized by a humid climate, the chances of them accumulating more dust are higher due to the high moisture content in the air.

The ideal cleaning solution

A mild liquid solution that has been made from rubbing alcohol and distilled water is all you need. But still, you can still use good old soap as well as hot water.

The steps

First, get a spray bottle and fill it with a simple cleaning solution. Then spray any glass surface. Proceed by wiping them using a soft cotton cloth (but you can also use cotton gloves). If your chandeliers are mini, consider taking them down and setting them on a secure surface. On the other hand, if you own larger fixtures like dining room chandeliers, get a sturdy stepladder. Stand on it. Then clean your chandeliers in place.

Thorough cleaning

If you intend to undertake a thorough cleaning, proceed like this: Dismantle the crystals from their fixtures; soak the crystals in sudsy water; and clean & polish them individually. Remember to master their positioning to simplify the replacement process.

Regular cleaning

C.Cleaning 3Light fixtures are classical MAGNETS for dust plus dirt…but a regular (for instance on a weekly basis) dusting is all you need to keep the fixtures from being buried beneath it.

Get an extendable duster

Purchase an extendable duster to make dusting your light fixtures as well as ceiling fans easier. With an extendable duster, you can stay on the ground and effortlessly dust your fixtures. The fuzzy duster will trap dust and dirt, instead of just knocking them down onto your floors. However, if you can have an extendable duster, get a step ladder as well as dry microfiber cloth! Alternatively, get a microfiber cloth and attach a cloth to a broomstick using a rubber band.

Deep cleaning

If your fixtures have glass covers, like dome/glass pendant lights, remove the glass. Then support it firmly with your hands while removing the screws and clamps. After safely removing the glass, dump all dirt and dead bugs into the trash. Then continue by filling a bucket with warm but soapy water. This should be followed by soaking the glass in the bucket for a couple of minutes.

PRO tip

Use a warm water bath since it tends to be the gentlest on a glass. Also, don’t wash the glass in a dishwasher since it can cause glass breakage.

After soaking your glasses, wipe any grime using a sponge/cloth. Then dry them with a towel.

More PRO tips

  • Always be sure to turn OFF your fixtures while spraying or handling them.
  • Always turn off any electrical circuit if you are removing mini chandeliers like bedroom chandeliers.
  • Schedule your chandelier cleaning with your home furnishings if you want to keep the crystals sparking.

The bottom-line

C.Cleaning 2Clean, bright chandeliers can set your home’s tone, so it is important to dust as well as polish all fixtures regularly. This will protect your lighting investment and maintain your living space in top condition. And with periodic care and maintenance, your crystal fixtures are likely to sparkle for years.