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A Guide to Bulbs for Chandeliers

Bulbs 1Whether you’re looking for an elegant lighting fixture to revamp your hallway, add character to your dining room, or set a unique tone in other places of your home, chandeliers can be the perfect choice for creating such a big impression. Today’s contemporary and sophisticated styles offer an extensive range of fixture designs.
Apart from style and materials, you should consider several other factors when choosing your ideal bulbs for chandeliers; size, dimming options, light output, and type of light source are some of the things you shouldn’t forget.

Choosing Your Chandeliers

In addition to style, the main factors to selecting an ultimate chandelier for your space are size, dimming/control, and direction of the output light.

Having something very small or too big can lead to a disproportioned look. A 30-inch tall chandelier suspended from the middle of a room with 8-inch ceilings will feel awfully low and appear strange. Again, having extremely small pieces will seem like they’re dwarfed by the room.

To make right choices about the size of your chandelier, use the following reliable “rule of thumb” method.
• Measure your room’s length and width (in ft)
• Sum up the two numbers
• The total value obtained above should be your chandelier’s diameter in inches

Remember, this is just a simple guide. If you want something more accurate, try an online chandelier sizing tool.
You also want to ensure that the light produced by the lighting fixture isn’t glary. There’s nothing boring like sitting at a dining/living room with the strong glare of a bright light shining directly on your face. What’s the direction of the light? Are the bulbs obscured or exposed? If they’re exposed, consider adding a control switch/dimmer to your chandelier so as to regulate the light output.

Modern or Contemporary Design: The Available lighting trends

Bulbs 2For a more stylish look and design, concentrate on chrome or satin nickel finishes. Today, bronze finishes are more common in transitional bulb fixtures that combine design aspects from both conventional and modern styles. Contemporary designs now trend towards satin nickel & chrome. Also go for clean lines, featuring liberal amounts of ornate decoration. Remember, the finish and materials of your chandeliers should compliment your home’s interior décor.

Chandelier Sizes

Chandeliers are often sized by diameter & height. But the number of bulbs used might also impact on their size. The recommended diameter is ½ to 2/3 of the dining table’s width. This means that your chandelier’s diameter should be around 26 t0 30 inches.

Consider your ceiling’s and chandelier’s height before making your purchase, too. The lighting fixture should be suspended 30″- 36″ from the apex of your dining table to the bottom of the chandelier itself. If your ceilings are tall, a 2 or 3-tiered design would work magic. There are always great options for both round and square tables to properly size your dining room chandelier.


Bulbs 3Chandeliers are decorative fittings, meant to impart a feel of luxury and ambiance to your home, so don’t expect them to be a primary source of light. This is one big mistake that most people make. Installing a chandelier in the middle of your room and expecting that it will sufficiently light the whole room is actually a recipe for poor lighting. This is even worse if the bulbs are exposed.

Chandeliers work best when utilized as an auxiliary light source or when integrated into a layered lighting design. For instance, incorporating wall sconces, recessed cans, or cover lighting in a room are incredible ways to highlight the space, accent walls, cabinets, paintings, and countertops.
Sometimes it is good to install something unexpected instead of going for that ordinary look. But ensure it perfectly suits your personal preferences!

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Chandelier Restoration:Breathe Life Into Your Chandeliers

chandelier fixture IMAG 1Beautiful lighting will ooze elegance to any home, but lighting that’s dulled by dust & dirt won’t have the same stunning effect. Worse still, broken antique chandeliers will make your room just awful and unattractive. Issues like poor re-wiring will only make your chandeliers look old. So, you need to hire an expert chandelier restoration company to undertake all chandelier cleaning, rewiring, and restoration services. With the right expert, you’ll be guaranteed of safe unboxing, professional installations, crating, in addition to repairs services.

Get the Basics Right

So, before you get out to look for a restoration company or even think of doing it by yourself, familiarize yourself with the following basics.

Don’t Underestimate Safety Issues

It’s natural that most homeowners would want to give their chandeliers a good cleaning. However, it’s prudent to assess the fixture’s condition before attempting to touch. Does the chandelier have its original wiring? If so, ensure to do a professional re-wiring before taking another step. If you do it wrong, it will blow your electric circuit or result in a shock. And at worst, it may end up burning your house. So, if it’s more than a wire, get a professional to do it for you.


chandelier fixture IMAGE 2Evaluation of Cleaning Approach

Sometimes a chandelier fixture only requires a light cleaning to get rid of superficial dirt so as to leave your original lacquered finish in place. Therefore, it’s important to know the type of metal you are dealing with to determine the cleaning approach you’ll adapt.

What About the Special Finishes

There is an assortment of finishes to be restored—ranging from vintage clear lacquer lighting to enameling as well as gilding. Except for re-plating, which requires strict environmental controls, a good number can be undertaken in-house by a dependable chandelier restoration company.

While some of the vintage finishes can be forgiving, others are relatively more fragile & demand skillful hands.

For instance, several depression-era light fixtures possess delicate polychrome finishes that can easily be damaged but hard to repair and restore. This is because they are manufactured using lower-cost materials, such as pot metals that were formerly painted in manifold colors.


Authentic Is Class

Chandeliers are considered rare & valuable. Thus, going for quality is key when it comes to restoring them. Do your research before embarking on the journey of restoration. Get referrals from friends concerning the refurbishment company you are considering. Ensure they have the best expertise and parts if you want your antique fixtures to look like an art. And finally, go for uniqueness.


It’s Time to Breathe Life into your chandelier Lights
chandelier fixture 3Don’t leave your ‘Petite French’ LED strip bronze chandelier to be a mess of badly twisted arms, dull finishes, plus missing crystals when you can breathe life into them by undertaking careful restoration and cleaning. Hire a professional restoration team to remove all of those crystals & glass stem pieces, and re-wire the old wiring together with the sockets. Caution: Ensure that the company you hire comes with original arms, bobeches, as well as candle cups.


After the restoration is over, ask them to review the fixture by gently cleaning and applying a wax polish. The result: The fixture should retain its original patina. Remember, the magic isn’t in the chemicals, rather it’s the careful & expert application of antiquated elbow grease.

What Makes LED Chandelier Bulbs Extremely Popular?

If you are thinking to save your energy bills and looking for ways to greatly enhance the look of your home simultaneously, then you should give a consideration of installing LED Chandelier Bulbs in your home to do this task perfectly. These LED bulbs are used as decorative and attractive lighting fixtures. They are becoming the perfect choice for lighting any home because of easy accessibility in several colors and sizes.

LED chandelier bulbs

A chandelier can lighten up a whole room immediately because It is consists of many light bulbs. There are many positive aspects of installing LED Chandelier Bulbs. Among many other benefits, they need lower cost to produce a lot of light. It can convert about 90% of energy into light while a traditional bulbs convert about only 10% of energy into light and 90% of energy goes to produce heat. If you install these LED bulbs in your home, it can help you in saving. It is just a matter of onetime expense which will provide you with many advantages in years to come.

LED chandelier Bulbs are the best lighting option for any mood of the lighting. If you have a modern home and need to light up your home with a more significant charm, then these lighting options are the best option for you. They accommodate present day homes easily. The produced light quality of it is better than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They also last for a longer period than other bulbs. They have light expectations of 20 years. If you install this kind of light in your home, you don’t need to change a light bulb for several years. These bulbs also need low repair and servicing fee.

Like other LED bulbs, they are environmentally friendly and they do not produce any harmful toxic elements. They are more durable than other bulbs. These lights are made from some plastic. There are also some advantages of using these LED bulbs as like they have strong lighting, they have Unlimited possibilities when it comes to style and attractiveness. They are also very dependable lighting source. There are many types of them, you can choose the perfect one for your home, which will meet all of your lighting requirements.

LED Chandelier Bulbs can be used for a number of functions making safety and productivity simultaneously. If you are looking for productive, long lasting, lighter and eco-friendly lighting options for your lighting need, then LED chandelier bulbs can make a perfect option for you.